Top 8 things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco has plenty to do and there won’t be a boring moment! From touristy stuff, to playing the foodie, to being adventurous, and to just relax & enjoy the city. Since it was our first time in San Francisco we decided to combine all of these together. Below are our top 8 things to do […]

California Roadtrip – 7 stops along the way

A California Roadtrip is a must-add item to your bucketlist! We drove the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) from San Francisco down to San Diego. Usually most people focus on the big cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles & San Diego, but forget all about the small stops you can make along the way. […]

Top 5 places to eat in San Francisco

One of the first things people ask about when they are planning to visit a new place is for suggestions where to go for good food. We thought to help you along the way and suggest our top 5 pick of places to eat in SF. They are not in any particular order and we […]

Packing for a trip

What do we take with us on our trips and how in the world can we fit everything in a backpack for a 3-week trip? These are questions that we get more often than you can imagine. You’ll be surprised how few things you need when travelling. You won’t need that cocktail dress or fancy […]

22 hours in Seattle!

We booked our tickets to San Francisco with a 22 hour overlay in Seattle. But what can you do in Seattle in only 22 hours? Plenty! Since our flight was almost 10 hours and there’s a 9 hour time difference between Amsterdam & Seattle, we knew we would probably be jet-lagged and didn’t want to […]

Keep fit while travelling

We know, we know, most people go on holiday to rest and not to workout. But there are some of us out there that do like to keep fit during our travels. Especially if you’re going to be away for a longer period of time it can’t always be only about relaxation & food. You […]