Travel while working a fulltime job

How many days off do you get per year? Between 20-30? If you’re passionate about travel, like we are, this is simply not enough. How to make the best out of the limited time? While working a full time job you usually end up having to plan trips ahead of time, which some people don’t always […]

Live the Adventure!

Last weekend we attended the first ever Live the Adventure Summit, organised by the amazing LTA crew/YouTube creators: @FunForLouis @RayaWasHere @hopscotchtheglobe @daveerasmus @siyazarrabi @exploringwithjosh @HeyNadine @vagabrothers @CarrieRad The weekend was all about bringing like-minded people together. Everyone was into travelling, vlogging, photography, creating awesome content or just simply wanted to be more adventurous in their daily lives. […]

Chinese Wedding

One of the main reasons that we planned this years South East Asia trip was to attend our friends wedding in Singapore. Being that they have different customs than us, we did some research and asked family members in Singapore beforehand what we need to expect and what rules we need to follow. #1 – […]

Maastricht & Valkenburg

Thinking of going to Maastricht for a weekend getaway? Do it! We should’ve done it way earlier. It was our first time (a shame, we know!) and we immediately fell in love with the city and it’s vibrant atmosphere. After a 2,5 hours train ride we had the feeling that we were not in the Netherlands anymore, […]

Touring North & West Side

We spent our Sunday driving around & exploring the North & West side of the island. It was super fun to do and we’ve visited places that we’ve never even heard about or knew existed. Shame on us! We went to the Green Pool, Old Plastic Bay / Turtle Spotting, Natural Jacuzzi, Watamula and ended […]

Paradise Island – Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is a place out of this world! It’s definitely a party island, but during the day when everybody that partied all night long is still sound asleep, it is such a serene place where you can completely relax and forget about every day life. The locals are super friendly and if you’re travelling […]