Inspirational Talks & Dancing at LTA Summit Day #2

The 2nd day of the LTA Summit brings with it an active, fun-filled and inspirational day. From working out in the morning with Rebecca, to humanitarian travel talks by BC & Taylor, to dancing to keep our bodies warm in the cold weather, to JP & Louis telling us about their world trip & to […]

Beyond Borders Flight Landing & 2nd LTA Summit

We’re attending the 2nd Live the Adventure Summit! This time it’s held in Kern Valley, California. It’s a weekend packed with inspirational talks & panels, meeting like-minded people & creators and making new travel friends. FunForLouis & JP Schultz land at the Kern Valley Airport, where the event is held, after circumnavigating the world in […]

Back in LA

Ep. 020 – CALIFORNIA VLOG: We travelled to Los Angeles in November for the 2nd LTA Summit. In this vlog we are meeting up with OG’s of the fist LTA Summit, buying gear for our “carping” weekend and doing some quick workout along the Pacific Coast Highway.

2017 Year Recap

Our 2017 year recap. It’s been an amazing year filled with adventures and growth. We are ready for all that 2018 will bring!

Exploring Venice Beach and Los Angeles

This is our last vlog for the US West Coast Roadtrip series. We had so much fun on this road trip and exploring California. We’re still enjoying & reminiscing on our time there through these vlogs. After we left San Diego we stayed in Venice Beach for the remainder of our trip. Of course, we […]

Hiking the Hollywood Sign & Skyslide LA

We’re spending the day with Karina in Los Angeles. She first takes us hiking behind the Hollywood Sign and the Wisdom Tree. Later during the day we head to downtown LA for Emely to visit the Last Bookstore, which was really high up on her to-do list. It’s every readers dream. Then Karina took us […]