We were driven to the plane

Aaah local food! We always go to Plasa Bieu, also called Marshe Bieu, for the best local food. Since Emely can’t cook the traditional Okra soup herself, it’s a must eat whenever we go back home. We know it doesn’t look delicious, it looks quite slimmy, but man does it taste good! Rayni and Goran […]

Why are flamingos pink??

Did you know that flamingos are actually grey and only become pink when they eat? But the pink color makes them much more pretty to look at! In this vlog we’re taking you along on a tour to the west side of the island. We discovered an underground lake, visited the natural jacuzzi and went […]

Hiking the Christoffelberg

Oh man! Waking up at 5am to start hiking up the Christoffelberg. I don’t think our friend Goran was very happy with us to make him do this on his holidays. But it was all for a good cause! The early morning hike is more doable compared to if you start climbing around 10am when […]

We did water Yoga!

Finally the day has arrived that we are traveling back home to Curaçao for a short stay and visiting our families. After chilling the first day, we couldn’t wait to do something active the second day. Paddle Board/SUP Yoga it is! It was our first time on a paddle board and doing water yoga. What […]

Park Güell & A Culinary Tour in Barcelona

Barcelona Day Dos! Park Guëll was the first stop on the list. Gaudi’s work is absolutely amazing. Also for this: buy tickets online before going! Afterwards we mainly walked around, getting those steps in and keeping active, and ended up at Parc de la Ciutadella to enjoy the bustling vibe. Did you know that Barcelona also […]

Quite an imagination! – Exploring Barcelona

Our first full day of exploring Barcelona and we’re officially in love! Sagrada Familia was unreal, at least from the outside. We can’t imagine what it would look like from the inside. Tip: always buy your entrance tickets online beforehand, so you don’t miss out like we did! After Sagrada Familia we went to Montjuïc where we […]