Getting back on track after your holidays

We all know that it’s hard to keep fit during travels, but it’s even harder to get back in your fitness routine once you’re back!

Getting right back into your daily routines has it’s benefits and it’s definitely highly recommended. What better motivation do we need than to burn off all the extra weight accumulated during our time away? Even with this in mind, we all know that it’s quite difficult to get back to training and most of the time it takes us a few days (or weeks) before we find ourselves back in the gym again.

When we got back from our recent trip to Curaçao we thought we could easily get back in our regular flow of work, food and workout. To say we underestimated this is an understatement. It sometimes felt as if we were going through the five stages of grief:

  1. Are we really back and not sitting on a beach anymore?
  2. Why did we come back to this rain?
  3. Maybe we could call in sick at work to get one more day of holiday
  4. Why do celebrities travel all year round but we can’t?
  5. It’s fine, the holiday is over and we have to accept it and get back to reality

How did we do it?

  • First thing to do is go groceries shopping and stock up only on healthy foods. No more junk going in our trunk. Getting your diet on track already helps you get in the right frame of mind
  • Swap the wine and cocktails for water, re-hydrate yourself back. We often forget to drink enough water during our vacation, which can have a negative impact on our body
  • Catch up on those extra zzz’s. How tempting it might be to schedule a training sesh early the next morning, sometimes your body just need some extra sleep to get back in it’s routine. Listen to your body!
  • Try to schedule a training session for a few days after you arrive. It doesn’t need to be a full-blown exercise, but do try to get one in as soon as possible: Any exercise is better than none (even if this means just talking a brisk walk during lunch)
  • Ease your way back into it, don’t expect to be fully up to speed to where you were before your holidays. It takes time to built it back up. If you were used to training 6 days a week, start by going at least 3 times a week once your back. Just go!

Remember: progress might be slow, but quitting won’t speed it up!

Bonus tip

What helped us to get over this holiday mode and back on track was to start planning our next holiday the moment we got back! So stay tuned and follow our journey!


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