Paradise Island – Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is a place out of this world! It’s definitely a party island, but during the day when everybody that partied all night long is still sound asleep, it is such a serene place where you can completely relax and forget about every day life. The locals are super friendly and if you’re travelling alone you’ll soon find yourself making friends, either with the locals or other backpackers.

There are no cars on the island and the only ways of transportation are bikes, horse-carriages, or by foot. We biked around the island in about 3-4 hours, but stopped here and there to go for a swim or grab something to drink at one of the many cafe’s along the way. Without having any breaks you can easily go around the island in 2 hours. Bikes are cheap for rent or available for free at some of the boutique hotels.

There are also no police or law enforcements on the Gili islands and everything is readily available, if you would rather go that route. We politely declined every offer we got to buy drugs and once you say no, they’ll remember your face and won’t bother you again.


  • Massages, Manicures & Pedicures. Every couple of shops you will find a place that offers any of these for cheap!
  • Every Thursday there’s an open air movie night where you sit on bean bags and enjoy a movie. A small fee is of course required to attend this movie;
  • The popular “swing-set” picture. The “fancier” swing-set is linked to a hotel and can only be reached if you’re a guest of that hotel. But nothing to panic about! At the Exile Bar, there’s a swing-set and a hammock where you can relax and take amazing pictures! Bear in mind that near sunset, it will be crowded with other tourists trying to take that perfect shot;
  • Parasailing! There needs to be perfect wind for this, so don’t be surprised if the captain tells you to try again the next day at 8am in the morning;
  • For such a little island there are many restaurants and café’s where you can grab a delicious lunch or dinner. Be prepared to be surprised by all the choices you have;
  • Every night the place is so lively with parties that you won’t be able to choose which one to join. Good news is: you don’t have to. Just walk from club to club in the warm evening breeze, have a drink, and move on to the next. If you prefer a place, just stick around, it will only get crazier as the night progresses.

We didn’t visit Gili Air or Gili Menno, but it’s definitely not the last time that we visit the Gili Islands.


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