Keep fit while travelling

We know, we know, most people go on holiday to rest and not to workout. But there are some of us out there that do like to keep fit during our travels. Especially if you’re going to be away for a longer period of time it can’t always be only about relaxation & food. You also have to work out to keep healthy & fit. How to do it is the big question. We realised it’s quite simple and below you’ll find a few tips.

Book a hotel with a gym

When booking a hotel try finding one that has a gym. It usually won’t be fully equipped as your used to from a gym back home, but you can still get a pretty good workout in. It’s also quite convenient because you don’t need to leave the comfort of your hotel to exercise and can get a quick workout in before you go out to explore for the day or when you come back to the hotel.

Find a gym nearby

If you can’t find an affordable hotel with a gym but don’t want to miss out on the weights & machines that a gym can offer, try finding a gym near where you’re staying. Most gyms offer a day pass or week pass. Consider which one is the most convenient for you and buy that one. This will have more equipment compared to a hotel gym so you can do more extended workouts. One downside is that day passes for gyms can be a bit expensive.


Does your hotel have a swimming pool? You will be amazed by how effective swimming is as a workout. Do some laps! The water gives enough resistance for your muscles and it’s considered to be one of the exercises that burns the most calories.


Go for a run! Are you close to the beach? A run on the sand is hard but effective. Are you in a big city? Go for a run and get to know the neighbourhood, maybe on the way back you’ll stop at this local cafe for a good cup of coffee. Are you near a park? Go for a few laps around and enjoy the scenery & nature. Running is quite effective and a lot of people enjoy it. It’s one of the best ways to clear your mind and enjoy your surroundings.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the best! They are quite easy to take with you on your travels, they don’t weigh a lot, they don’t take much space in your suitcase and can be used in different ways for multiple purposes & workouts. Because of the resistance they offer your body workouts will feel much more difficult & intense. Good way to improve yourself!

Body workouts or yoga

If none of the above apply, there is still yoga and so many body workouts that you can do on the spot in your hotel room. Squats, push ups, sit ups, tricep dips, mountain pose, tree pose, downward facing dog pose, and more, are the types of body workouts & yoga movements that target the main muscles and are quite effective. There’s really no excuse.

Do active activities or walk

If you are more of the type for relaxation, you can still challenge your body a bit and keep fit by planning active activities. These keep your heart rate up for a period of time which helps with burning calories. Exploring your travel destination by walking around instead of taking the taxi or metro is also a way of exercising.

Active rest is important if you’re used to working out regularly in your daily life. Give your body & muscles time to rest while on holiday, so that once you’re back home you can perform better and push yourself like you’re used to. 


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