Packing for a trip

What do we take with us on our trips and how in the world can we fit everything in a backpack for a 3-week trip? These are questions that we get more often than you can imagine.

You’ll be surprised how few things you need when travelling. You won’t need that cocktail dress or fancy trousers “just in case” and it won’t all go wrong that you need to be prepared for every possible worst case scenario. And do you want to know a little secret? Most of the things that you might’ve forgot and you think you would need are also available at the place you’re travelling to.

So how do we do it?

Clothing essentials

Pack enough underwear, max. 2 per day. If you’re going for a beach holiday you can pack less underwear, because you’ll be in swimming suit for most of the days. 

If you need to take jeans with you, only take 1 pair. You can also add 1 pair of black jeans, since these can be used for going out. But no more than that! They weigh more than your usual piece of clothing.

A couple of t-shirts and cute tops are enough. One per day, if you must.

Remember that like most people, you will be out and about the whole day during your holidays. One outfit per day should be enough.


You can re-wear the same shoe! There’s no 1 shoe per day policy and honestly they take most of the space in your suitcase or backpack. Just pack 1 comfortable sneaker, that you can also workout in, 1 flip-flop or sandal and one high-heel or go-out shoes and you’re done! Enough space left for other stuff. Plus if you’re into shopping you need to leave space to buy some local stuff also.


Are there toiletries that you must take with you? Like a solution for your eye-contacts, etc? These must be packed. If you don’t have any must-haves leave them at home. And with this I mean, you don’t need all the 10-facial care products that you use on a daily basis back home. Give your face and body some rest from all these products and enjoy being on holiday. Let the natural elements work their magic!

Give yourself time to re-pack

Why re-pack? Because the majority of the clothes that you’ve packed are probably not needed. Take only the ones that you know you will wear and not the ones that you think you need.

…And there’s always laundry options 

One last tip, you can always do laundry to re-wear some outfits. Quite a few hotels offer laundry services, but beware because they might be overly expensive. Next to that, in many places you’ll find laundromats that offer pick-up-the-same-day services. Check the neighbourhood you will be staying in for possibilities to keep your luggage light.

It’s not that difficult to limit the amount of things you take with you on holiday. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to be dragging a luggage half your size around the world. The lighter it is, the more you’ll enjoy the experience.


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