Prepping for the wedding of friends!

The wedding will be in Curaçao in June, which means beach, sun, shorts, bikinis, crop tops, you get the idea: summer bodies should be ready by then! March – May, 3 months, do-able? We say YES! If you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

How will we do it? By training our asses off and eating healthy. No supplements, just pure food. The goal is to have a lower body fat percentage at the end of these 3 months. Rayni’s goal is to reach 15%, starting at 23% and mine is to reach 20%, starting at 26%.

Rayni will follow a diet cycle called Intermittent Fasting, which is basically fasting for a certain amount of hours per day and having an eating-window where you can consume the calories that your body needs on a daily basis for weight loss.

I will be doing carb cycling, lowering my carb intake on training days and have a higher carb intake on non-training days. This would help to spike the insuline creation in the body on that one day, so that the energy level would be higher during the training for the rest of the week and proper fat loss can be achieved.

It probably won’t be easy, but we’ll give it our all. Rayni’s intermittent fasting will be a 20-4, meaning that he would fast for 20 hours and only have a 4-hour eating window. And I’m going to have the majority of my carbs intake during breakfast at 6:00 am, which will be basically burned during the training at 7:00 am.

Can you say low energy?! How will we combine this with our 9-5 job? Read more about it in our next post!


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