The Road Trip Begins

The Pacific Coast Highway 1 road trip begins!

On Day 1 we drove from San Francisco down to Monterey and made stops along the way to enjoy the scenery. We stayed 2 nights in Monterey, explored the area a bit and used it as a hub to visit Big Sur.

On Day 2 we ventured to Carmel by the Sea and visited the Carmel Mission. The different scenery along the coast made it impossible for us to not make stops. Our highlight on one of these stops was the moment we saw whales for the first time.

We then continued to the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge and had difficulty saying the name. It’s a real tongue twister! Our next stop was River Inn where we had lunch and dipped our toes into the very cold river. We then followed Highway 1 for another 5 mile before we hit the “road closed” signs. Land slides earlier this year collapsed a bridge and damaged the road to Big Sur, which made it impossible for cars to continue on the Highway 1.

We end our part 1 of The Drive vlogs heading back to Monterey to spend the night, before continuing on the highway 101 the next day.


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