The island we call home: Curaçao

Dushi Kòrsou! A little island in the Caribbean where we were both born & raised. With it’s approximately 160.000 inhabits, 444 km2, clear  blue water & white-sand beaches, hot temperature all year long, and relaxed-paced yet lively lifestyle, it makes up for a dream vacation & living destination.

Some interesting facts about Curaçao

  • The majority of the population is fluent in 4 languages: Papiamentu (mother tongue), Dutch (official language), English (2nd official language), and Spanish;
  • It’s part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
  • It lies right outside of the hurricane belt!;
  • The native language, Papiamentu, can be a good universal second language as it’s a pretty easy language for anyone to learn;
  • It’s capital, Willemstad, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site;

It caters for different kinds of holidays. From taking a boat to the Blue Room, to riding a Quad around the island, to swimming with the dolphins, hiking up a hill to Curaçao’s highest point, visiting the oldest Jewish Cathedral in the region, staying up and dancing the night away with sand between your toes, or just having a relaxed day at the beach, there’s always something that will keep you busy on the island.

We try to go back at least once a year so that we can visit our families, because no matter where we are in the world, this little island holds a special place in our heart and will always be the place we call home.






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