Travel Resources

Travel brings us so much joy, but sometimes it can become a bit of hassle to plan it all. To make our lives, and yours!, easier we listed below a number of travel resources that we use when planning our adventures. Because who wouldn’t want to travel smart?!



We use Skyscanner quite often to search for the cheapest flights available. You can select multiple destinations and plan your dream trip. It’s a great way to find the best combination and the cheapest flights with multiple airlines from one destination.


Book your flights, accommodation and car rental at the same place for a great price? Try Expedia. They search the worldwide web for the cheapest flights, beautiful hotels and best car rental to offer it all in one package.


The name says it all. Cheaptickets gives you.. cheap flight tickets. If you’re still getting a price higher than you’re willing to pay with the two options above, give Cheaptickets a try.


For the Dutchies amongst us, there is also Tix. What we love about them is that you can search based on the quality, punctuality and how environmental-friendly the airlines are.  

Hotels & Accommodation

Our go-to website for booking accommodation is We find it very handy because you have multiple options to choose from, not only hotels, and it ranges from the cheapest of accommodation to the five-star boutique hotels. And the more you book with them, the better deals you get with your next booking. Even unlocking special discounts. Win win right? Through you can almost always cancel without any additional costs a few days before your reservation. Great way to keep looking for that special place.


Another option to book hotels & accommodation is Expedia. There are so many options and good deals. What we love the most of Expedia is the Secret Saver deals that they offer. Who wouldn’t want to give an edge to their trip and keep the name of their hotel a secret? The star rating, amenities and location will be known. Great way to go on an adventure and the hotels that you can get through this deal haven’t been disappointing.


AirBnB has become such a hype these days, and we love it! If you want to feel more like local and live like a local, we recommend you book an AirBnB instead of a hotel. And if you follow a cooking class you can even put it to practice in the kitchen. Great way to save money! You can rent from a room to a complete apartment/house. Most of the times the most amazing and awestruck places to stay are booked through AirBnB.


Looking for the hostels and cheap accommodation? Hostelworld is your place to be. They have a very expansive selection of hostels to choose from and the website is quite easy to use. And if there are any issues with your bed when you arrive at the hostel, they will award you $50 to use for your next booking. Who wouldn’t want that?



Who wouldn’t want to be able to have a (basic) conversation with a local when traveling? We know we do! We found Duolingo to be quite a helpful app in preparation before our holidays or in general whenever we want to learn a new language. Even for picking up a language that you haven’t spoken in a while, Duolingo is your best friend. It’s so easy to use and you can practice anywhere for the different levels it offers.


Peak Design

We’ve been searching so long for the “perfect” backpack and we might have just found it. We both have the Peak Design backpack and it’s a travellers dream. It opens on both sides and has a magnetic clip on top. There are enough compartments and pockets that you can store all of your gears or gym clothing without any issue. It fits perfectly on your back and you won’t even feel your laptop burning a hole in your back or moving around.